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Corpse Stabbers

The profession of the Corpse Stabber was created over two hundred years ago after the events of the Dark Reign of Anstronah, a necromancer that raised vast legions of the undead and was one of the major reasons for Cylia's fall a few decades later.


The Reason for their establishment is that after large battles with the necromancer, he was able to just raise his vanquished enemies and march them against their former comrades once again. This resulted in a nearly unwinnable war until the coalition forces opposing this vile magician found out that he could only effectively resurrect corpses with intact ribcages, as they were unable to move and fight otherwise - even a lacking head was no problem to these magical fiends.
As such, a new detachment was created: The Corpse Stabbers. People who would go through the battlefield with large and unwieldy iron maces to shatter the ribcages and ensure they could not rise again. Despite the fact that they did, indeed, not do any stabbing, this name still caught on.

Cultural Perception

While the Corpse Stabbers were regular soldiers back during the days of the coalition against Anstronah, this has radically changed: despite the fact that no necromancer managed to accumulate as much power as him, it is still a standard practice for Ramerian armies to destroy corpses like that if there is no time for a proper burial or cremation.
Nowadays, this role is mainly filled by paupers and beggars without any combat experience in order to get rations and sometimes even money from the army. The citizens look down upon them, as they consider it a form of corpse desecration, despite the fact of how vital this role is.

Corpse Stabbers

Standard Equipment
Any heavy, blunt-force instrument
Employed By

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