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Low Guards

The title "Low Guard" is a catch-all title applied to the official militia level soldiers tasked with defending the lower levels of a city constructed within the lines of modern city design. They might have different titles, depending on the area, but if one says Low Guard everyone knows what they are talking about.
  Most modern cities are layered upon themselves, in areas where the land has the possibility of being safe at least, trying to save as much safe land as they possibly can so they stack themselves up and up. The richest and most powerful make their homes at the top, with a gradient of power and wealth going down. 
  The lowest levels, the ones that touch the ground itself and even sink below it are where the have-nots congregate. These floors are mostly populated by Ms, as even a down on their luck human will more than likely find themselves in the middle levels of the city. These floors are also the domain of the Low Guard. 
  The lowest levels are always threatened by nature and Tech-Horrors, which never cease in their attempts to worm their way into the walls, or the vents, or the sewers. With bullets, blades, and augments, the Low Guard are tasked with keeping them at bay. A task easier said than done. 
  If something should manage to establish itself or a nest, the rest of the city will be in major trouble. Resources can't be shipped in from the convoys or railways. The cities workers, voluntary or otherwise, now must stop their jobs to defend themselves or hunt the infestation down. If those Ms stop working, everything else shuts down. Nothing made, to shipped out. No money to be made. 
  Not to mention the threat of any creature simply climbing up the main shaft to terrorize Organics citizens is very real. 
  Despite this important task, the Low Guard are practically spit on by other institutions. They get the poorest equipment, the oldest vehicles, and jankiest augments. While the city floor directly above the jurisdiction of the Low Guard might have Crypt Keepers and IR-blankets in the areas that need monitoring (largely the areas where the lower city has access to the upper), the Low Guard would be lucky to have enough cameras to cover everywhere they need to. Officers might even be required to provide their own firearms in the worst places.

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