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Mage-Smiths are the item crafting smiths of The Shard. Incorporating their abilities as metal, stone and woodworkers they are able to apply magical properties to items making them remarkable tools that are crucial to many different elements of day to day activites of the Kingdom of Enther and the known world.   Items crafted by Mage-Smiths include:
  • Staffs
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Magic Orbs
  • Summoning Expanders
  • Sealing devices
  • Portal Mirrors
  • They are based at The Shard because there is an unlimited amount of magic that can be drawn not only from the tower itself, but the prisoners themselves.   The techniques of the mage-smiths are shrouded in mystery. To join the mage-smiths an oath is taken and they are bound by the rules of their oath. The secrecy in their oath means that they are a society who are an enigma to the outside world.   The output of the tools made are extremely slow due to the imbuing process of the magic can take decades and only certain materials can sustain such power.    Entherel is one of the preffered matirals used but is in short supply.



    Mage-Smiths by nature need to be Magic Users, and must have a specialty in Human Magic as the Faye Magic does not work in the same way.



    The overall purpose of the mage-smiths are to create magical items to supply the The Magic Guilds of Enther, and ultimately the Kingdom of Enther with magic items which can be used.

    Social Status

    They are considered to be high ups within The Magic Guilds of Enther and are well respected.



    Deep within The Shard is the core. The core is used as a power supply for the great magic forge.
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