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"Sketrin, also known as the housecarl. This title means 'they who clean', as a housecarl's job is to keep the home orderly. Housecarls are necessary for any Lith to show loyalty towards Their duties; their tasks manage the entirety of the Lith's Domicile. A housecarl, despite being of a lower status, is seen as a member of the family. They demand your respect."
---The Lithocracy Handbook, penned by the Legendary Hero Zimraka



In order to be given the title of Housecarl, one must become a regular servant of the House; this allows any potential housecarls to learn about the home dynamics, become familiar with the Lith and Their family, and show their worth as a servant. Traditional education that focuses on survival is a given, and training of the Healing Arts is a plus, but a future Housecarl does not need a formal education.

Once a potential Housecarl is chosen, usually by the Lith Themselves, they are given a Housecarl-specific education course. Here, they learn about the specific jobs that one would need to know in order to best aid the Lith, and knowledge that allows them to speak for the Lith, in the case that They cannot attend a Council meeting.

Career Progression

First, a Daemon, usually an Imp, establishes their own housekeeping job. This can be done through a family business, a larger corporation, or as a freelance job. As they gain more experience, they may catch the eye of a higher-Caste citizen, and gain a janitorial job under a Kin'ra.

This cleaner then spends time working under their employer, who pays them well for their services for around half a decade or more. If a cleaner shows diligence to the point of being worth more than an employer, they may get referred to work under a Lith. If accepted, they move into the Lith's Domain to work there permanently.

Once they gain the qualities of a housecarl, and fully undergo the training required, acceptance as the Lith's Housecarl happens swiftly after. They end up learning the routines of both Lith and Their family, and plan things out while in Their presence.

At first, the housecarl may be ordered similarly to any regular cleaner, but after time, they become the Lith's consultant. Once a housecarl becomes the Lith's consultant, They grant them with an honorary piece of jewelry that marks them as important; usually, gold horn caps are given, but necklaces, bracelets, and special gloves may be given. This gift symbolizes the Lith's full trust into Their Housecarl, telling others to show them respect as well.

Payment & Reimbursement

Pay for a housecarl is similar to that of a Lith: it is not a direct payment, but rather, it is the granted access to the assets that The Council District may provide. This includes not only currency, but literature and highly-protected Daemonic artefacts. Access is usually overseen by the Lith the housecarl works with, but once they gain the honor of being the Lith's consultant, they gain unlimited access.

Other Benefits

The greatest benefit that any Daemon can receive is being able to live at the highest Caste, where nature runs wild. Many housecarls are forced to live within the Lith's Domicile directly, but becoming a consultant may grant them land privileges. Being a consultant gives the Daemon the same social privileges as the Lith, though on the social ladder, they still are underneath both Lith and Kimcharin.



Put simply, the housecarl serves as the Lith's goal-keeper. They upkeep every facet of the Lith's Domicile, and even hold some influence over the garrisons and farmland that are within the Lith's property. All of the issues that arise are brought to the housecarl, and solutions are made by the housecarl as well. They take a large portion of the stress that is commonplace, and only relay the most urgent and hard-to-fix issues to the Lith.

Social Status

Despite the high status that working under the Lith embodies, a large portion of the population sees it as "the duty of the lower Castes". Those who are within the lower castes, like the Imps and Cambion, see it as willful obedience and "a nicer way to say 'indentured servitude'", despite it being a profession that is sought after.

This is due to the fact that indentured servitude is a way of discipline in Typhon's Teeth, as The Council does not believe that a criminal should 'live without true punishment'. Criminals that are not exiled are forced to work within the Domain that they committed a crime in, under the Lith that controls it.


A large majority of Housecarls are Imps, due to the fact that they hold a high attunement to the elements, in contrast to the Cambion's lack of attunement. Elementally-attuned Imps are capable of Reiki, or energy healing, through the palms of their extremeties. This means that they are capable of treating a Lith or Lith's loved one if either comes down with Elemental Exhaustion, and are able to lead a troup of Reiki imps proper.
Alternative Names
Housecarl, The Lith's Consultant
Staple in Lith Domiciles; Luxury elsewhere
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