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A pipechanter works with making sure that a cities pipe systems works correctly and renewing its enchantements. These include anti rust, water pumping, anti leakage and more. After the Third Disintegration it has become a shortage of Pipechanters, leading to piping beginning to fall apart in some places and other mages trying to help out as best they can.



Proficiency in water magic and basic understanding of engineering. it should be confirmed by The Academy of Higher Magic or another experienced Pipechanter.

Career Progression

Novice Pipechanters cannot work alone but are guided by more experienced Pipechanters. It is not uncommon for water mages to work as Novice Pipechanters durign their studies,   Professional Pipechanters are the large group of Pipechanters that does the majorty of the work.   Master Pipechanters have worked many years within the profession, can fix most problems on the fly and know how to teach the profession to novices.

Payment & Reimbursement

Most Pipechanters are payed above average for a city worker but a bit less than the average mage.

Other Benefits

Pipechanters have access to many places which are denied for non-maintenance workers, which by some more shady people is an important benefit.



Pipechanters are important for a modern magical infrastructure.

Social Status

Are not thought of that much. It is seemed as a boring job for a mage, but still a mage, which in itself holds some respect.


About 1% of human water mages work with Pipechanting.



Pipe wrench. Ring of flame precision or a wand of precise flames. Crystal Pen (used to create the enchantments).


Enchanted Crystal Powder, Sealing Tape

Dangers & Hazards

The only common danger is faulty enchantments that may explode in the Pipechanters face if overloaded or handled in the wrong way.
High Demand by modernizing cities
Pipechanting is legal everywhere where it is practiced, and the state is often one of the biggest customers to the Pipechanters, as most piping is owned by the public.

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