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Reagent Suppliers

The Reagent Supplier

For many years alchemy has offered solutions for a wide variety of problems. Since The Death of Magic alchemy has played an even more vital role in society: Those who once would seek out a cleric at the local temple for a cure to a disease or to speed an injury along towards good health now visit the local alchemist, or seek out pre-made tonics, elixirs, and tinctures at the local market. While these various products have amazing effects, it takes a skilled hand in order to craft them.   These professionals tend to spend the majority of their time creating wonderful products as well as researching new and interesting creations. They lack the time and desire to go off into the unknown to seek out materials and reagents to fuel their experiments. However they do tend to have a lot of gold on hand to pay those willing to search or farm the reagents.  


Those willing to tread in the dark places under the ground to gather fungus which would never grow in the light of day, or dig through desert sands for perfectly sunbleached bones, to dive under the waves for rare fish and sea shells on the ocean floor. These are the ones who are called 'Seekers' and their bounty tends to be well-rewarded by the alchemists they provide their services to. Not everyone is willing to put themselves at risk, so those that do can ask for a premium. Some adventurers start this way, and others retire from more dangerous dungeon delving.  


Some people farm crops like wheat to grind into flour, or tobacco to smoke in a pipe or cigarette. Some people raise cows for their milk and meat, or chickens for eggs and meat. Others raise exotic plants in glass houses, or have hatcheries of more. . exotic animals. Is there a reason that farmer has such a large number of detailed statues in his garden? Maybe he has Cockatrices instead of chickens in his coop. For some the motivation is excitement after a long life raising more mundane crops and livestock, for others it's all about the money. When it comes down to it, the added danger makes the payday significantly greater than it would be for an everyday farmer.

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