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Spacesuit Repair Specialist

Spacesuit Repair Specialists are considered to be in an honorable, although sometimes a thankless, profession. Since the life of the wearer is dependent on the quality of the work completed by the technician, techs generally take pride in their work and want to impress their customers. Some are able to transition from a relatively common laborer to a ship crewperson or into a management position.



The qualifications for a suit repair technician are small to petite appendages (hands, fingers, etc) and the steadiness of a surgeon.

Career Progression

Some remain specialized at become specialists, only working with certain species, certain materials, certain occupational suits, or technological improvements. Others start out as repair techs and are able to move up into management or leadership, depending on their skills.

Payment & Reimbursement

General repair techs earn a living, but not necessarily much more. More skilled and specialized techs can earn professional type remuneration.

Other Benefits

Repair suit techs are taken for granted by many, most especially those who don't rely on a suit to do their job, but only when needed for travel or recreation. Spaceship crews will generally trade names of quality technicians, and belters are usually on a first name basis and keep their favorites on speed dial.



Suits are used by just about everyone at one point or another in their lives. Some may only use them once or twice for recreation, others, like belters, rely on them for their livelihood.

Social Status

Most are treated as factory laborers, but the high quality specialists may be treated like rock stars or famous artists (living, of course).



Many work in factories, but specialists can break out from the big companies and work on their own.

Provided Services

The guarantee (if that's even possible) that the suit will protect the wearer's life while in environments that are not natural to the wearer.
Very legal and in moderate demand.


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