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Gladiator Games Master

A popular pass-time for Lorlundians is to visit their local Arena and watch Gladiator Games. In these games are referees, known as Game Masters. Their role is to make sure each Gladiator is following the rules and aren't cheating. Game Masters are also responsible for the health and safety of the Gladiators, which the Game Master can - and must - stop a game for injuries. It is this which make them vital to the games, however for the spectators they can spoil the fun.  

Becoming a Game Master

You don't want to be a Game Master do you? All they do is stop the game because somebody stubbed their toe. It's pathetic!
— A Gladiator fanatic
Being a Game Master is more about knowing the rules of the games. It's also about being able to read the current match and to maintain it's natural flow, whilst also making sure the Gladiators are playing fairly and safely.
Game Masters are trained by the owners of the Arenas, however there are rumours that their training just learning the rules. It is common that Game Masters were also Gladiators, as they have more experience in the field.
I love the Gladiator games and I will do my best to keep the games I master fair, safe and entertaining for the audience
— A Game Master

Gladiator Games

In almost every Lorlundian city, town, and even village in an Arena. These are the venues of the Gladiator Games; action packed entertainment where Gladiators fight to be victorious. Historically, the games were dangerous and even deadly. Nowadays lethal weaponry and tactics are banned, making the games safer; though injuries are likely. There are also many different kinds of games, than the standard fight. There are games, scuh as: Capture the Banner, Lord of the Hill and, the fan favourite, Tug of War.


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