Cockle Picking in Serukis

Cockle picking is widespread along the northern coast of Serukis, especially on the islands that litter the Grey Waters. This profession is particularly important on the island of Saltmire, where the trading of Seruic cockles makes up the majority of the Saltlanders' economy.   Before cockles can be harvested, they need to be found. They are most abundant between early summer and late autumn. Cockle beds are common along the sandy beaches of Serukis at low tide, where the cockles have buried themselves under just a few inches of sand. They are visible from the surface due to a small impression that is caused by them filter feeding. On windy days, the top layer of sand may have blown off, leaving the shells of the cockles visible.   The cockle pickers scoop the cockles out of the sand and collect them in baskets. These baskets are taken back to the settlement and the cockles are cleaned of any sand or grit before they can be cooked or sold. They are also used as bait by fishermen.
  Cockle picking can be a dangerous profession if one does not keep an eye on the ocean. People have drowned after being caught unawares by the tides coming in and subsequently becoming stranded.

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