Semparta Warriors

"Those Semparta types would be fully armored up and ready to fight before you could count to sixty." - Traveling Merchant

Written By: jester2b
Cover Art by: Rafael Sewa

Always Ready to Fight

Crucible is an odd country amongst its peers, for it had no organized military. This is especially odd as the natives of the land are the battle-driven Sun Elves, who believe that the best way to improve oneself is through combat and hardship. For Sun Elves, their desert homeland is a part of their identity; to wage war with Crucible is to wage war with all of Sun Elven kind. When the time comes to take up arms against a threat to their home, every elf, from the common farmer to the trained warrior, will answer the call to defend their homeland.   In many towns and cities within Crucible, local militia groups have formed to defend their settlements from danger. Militia groups are mostly formed of farmers, merchants, tradesmen, and miners who've chosen to put their home's safety in their hands. These warriors have been given the name Semparta Warriors, for they are always ready to fight. When they are called to protect their homes, the Semparta will be prepared within a minute's notice, giving them the nickname "Minute Elves." They may not be as skilled as a fighter who trained their skills over the years, but through sheer power of will and dedication, they'll fight off any foe that dares to challenge them. The Semparta is distinguished for their simpler and lighter armor, which is easy to put on and maneuver in. They've stood alongside Crucible's mightiest during the nation's greatest conflicts, from the Ibuhessi Ransacking to the War of the Blazing Abyss. While they are overshadowed by legendary warriors like King Serentar the Abyss Slayer, Quarina the Skull Hacker, or Caria of the Honey Badger, their importance in Crucible's history can't be understated. Without them, Crucible may have fallen to ruin, to be consumed by the red sands of the Crucible.
Alternative Names
Minute Elves


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