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House Painters

...and still we swipe and brush and dab,
Until at last our task is done
Then we go safely home
Until some fool knocks a hole in his wall
And it's our job to make it look nice
— Translated from Basadeiian, part of a drinking song popular among house painters
  There are few tasks in Weinadi society that are more repetitive and less thanked than the job of house painter. It's a profession that wasn't even needed at all until they moved underground and settled in permanent towns instead of wandering nomadic across the landscape.   The caves and chasms and caverns are a damp environment, so the job of painter is essential, to keep some of the moisture out of critical buildings. It also wears down incredibly quickly and reapplication is needed on a frequent basis.



This is a basic job that just about anyone can do. The only thing that requires any kind of training is to prepare the paint mixture properly, and to know what kind of paint to use for what surfaces so that it will last the longest.


Social Status

Due to no fault of their own, for the most part, house painters are viewed poorly, since their work wears away quickly. Most people get cranky at the repeated expense. Those who don't understand and think a paint job should last forever get downright mean about it.   It's a crucial job, with their work in constant high demand, but not many people are willing to put up with the ridiculous expectations.



  • Paintbrushes of all types
  • Buckets
  • Ladders and ropes and other climbing tools to get high spaces
  • Face masks to filter out potential fumes


  • The assortment of chemicals needed to custom mix each paint, depending on surface type
  • Dyes and other coloring agents
Societal staple, essential to keep homes from wearing down too quickly

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