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When Lady Death fell and the Mindless Unfallen began to populate the world, hundreds of graveyards were dug up to bolster their ranks but many graveyards remained untouched. Grave-Knockers are tasked with finding these untouched graveyards and digging up any corpses that rose but were unable to escape their earthen prison. Despite Unfallen now possessing freewill and far less hatred towards the living, most Grave-Knockers are forced to put down those that they dig up. Most minds are unable to resist the hunger driven into them by their undead state and turned into ghoulish, hungering monsters over the years they are stuck in their graves.
In the rare case of digging up a sane Unfallen, it is then the duty of the Grave-Knocker to explain what has happened and why. The duality of a Grave-Knockers role as both a hunter and a teacher has made it a rare profession but one that is vital to Haven.
Priests put them to rest. Gravediggers put them in the dirt.
Me? I dig those up that aren't quite dead.
— Ornal Halfstock, Grave-Knocker of Graystone

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