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Disenchanters are enchanters who specialize in remove katarite from enchanted items rather than bonding them together. Separating katarite from enchanted items is a delicate process. An untrained mage has a better chance of destroying the gemstone than deattaching it from the item.

Because all disenchanters start out as enchanters, there is often a misconception among the uniformed that every enchanter is also a disenchanter.



In order to train as a disenchanter, prospective students must first train as enchanters. After that, most students spend one year in classes and two to three years apprenticing under a certified disenchanter. When the apprenticship is over, the new disenchanter is presented with a badge that identifies them as a 1st Rank Disenchanter.

Career Progression

There are five recognized ranks within the disenchanter community. The ranks represent one's ability to disenchant powerful items. A 3rd Rank Disenchanter is more likely to successfully disenchant an a rare enchanted item than a 1st Rank Disenchanter. Each rank is represented by a different badge.

In order to increase in rank, a disenchanter must pass a trial at an accredited mage academy. The fee for the trial is relativly low, but the item to be disenchanted must be provided by the trial taker. As a result not everyone

Payment & Reimbursement

The standard payment for disenchanting an item is one fourth of its original value, Some establishments that offer extra services may charge more, while a lower ranked disenchanter may charge less to incentivise customers to give them a chance.



The role of a disenchanter is to remove katarite from enchanted items. The result is that the katarite may then be attached to another item. This is essential for recycling unwanted magical gear.

A less often seen (though argueably more important) purpose that disenchanters fufill is to remove the power from items that are deemed either too evil or dangerous.


Disenchanters can be of any species, as long as they have the arcane aptitude for it. Most disenchanters are gnomes from the kingdom of Gnolu.


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