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Calassarian Advisors

Everyone could do that. Nothin' special about those advisors. I mean, I could've told that guy that his shop needed new colour, just look at it. Total waste of his honest earned gold, if you ask me! -A critic of the Calassarae


Career Progression

After spending anything between two and ten years as administrative assistants uncer their masters, they are then allowed to take a mostly standardisied test by The Calassarae. A success means that they get official documentation to call themselves Calassarian Advisors.  This allows them to make use of the official Calassarae's advisory board, where paid advising opprtunities are shared. After earning an impressive reputation or making the Calassarae more than 1000 Gold, they are offered to take a masters test on a specific subject, earning them the highest respect, a vote in the Calassarian matters and the title Master Calassarian Advisor of [Field of Speciality].

Payment & Reimbursement

Calassarian Advisors usually get paid depending on the gigs they choose. The organization collects advisory jobs and posts them to a board, where the commitment requirements and paid price are noted. Some of those are very short, single day appointments, others may be a few years of work. Payment is handled by the Calassarae, who take 10% of the earnings before giving the rest to the advisor.



While there is a large variety of fields of excellence, all calassarian advisors are highly educated and proficient enough on nearly any subject to advise. They take pride in their extensive knowledge (and usually their book collection too). They're seen as something along the lines of a jack of all trades in terms of advisory.

Social Status

Opinion is very divided. Many consider them bloodsucking eels that make easy money just by telling people in power what they want to hear. Most people that have actually purchased their services, usually have a much higher opinion on them. While at times condecending, many can quote entire legal clauses, spot issues in architectual plans within minutes, translate from and into at least three languages, and can predict outcomes of election.
Administration / Management

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