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Court Wizard

The Court Wizard is the right-hand man of the Human King, and the top mage in Human society. One may think, due to this, that Court Wizard is a powerful and respected position. This could not be further from the truth.  


The Court Wizard holds many responsibilities, and due to this many believe that their duties are done by others. This is not the case, as the King does not wish to pay so many people, so Court Wizards undertake many roles.   The first of these roles is that of an advisor to the King. Court Wizards counsel the Human King every day on important matters, both politically and (more in-line with their job) magically. They have a tower they live in outside of the castle in Nerodil where the King can send people to fetch them when needed.   The next job is that of Military Leader. While the Court Wizard is not necessarily head of the Nerodil Guard, they are tasked with appointing that head and keeping tabs on them. This also applies to the other positions in the royal council, such as treasurer. When those people are away, the Court Wizard does their duties for them.   Another job of the Court Wizard is that of the diplomat, as the King does not wish to go to various Kingdoms and make peace, so the Court Wizard must be the face of Humanity for them, though still the other Kingdoms will merely call them "Messengers of the King."   Other jobs of the Court Wizard include babysitter for the Princes and Princesses, Keeper of the Streets (a fancy name for street sweeper), and head librarian. If there is a position in power held by someone in another Kingdom, odds are that the Court Wizard serves that purpose for Humanity.  

Societal View

Society, especially that of the Humans, often downplays the Court Wizard's importance. A large part of this is the desire to view all actions done by the monarchy as the will of the King, while more of it is just a basic aspect of Humanity: ignorance.   Court Wizard is a thankless job that puts in more work than they will ever be credited for. Despite this, many Human mages do still aspire to gain this job, as it will at least get their name in the history books, even if it is just a historical record that few will ever look at.   Some other races look favorably on the Court Wizard. Particularly the Draconians, whose society revolves around magic, view the Court Wizard admirably. Elves, Dwarves, and Korvians, on the other hand, do not. They only care about the King, and despise any time where the Court Wizard takes his place. For this, Humanity's diplomatic relationship with those Kingdoms is always shakier than it should be.
Timar Forestarm by Jarhed

Timar Forestarm

The current Court Wizard of Nerodil, Timar Forestarm was born in 499. He attended the Magic College as part of the cursed class of 520, and was there to witness a host of horrible deeds done by the 62nd Grand Wizard, Drixodal Vortrin, that ended with Vortrin killing an entire class of his students and himself.   Forestarm, unlike many of his contemporaries, is not believed to have turned to revenge by working with the World Court, and instead took his magical knowledge to gain the political power to become Court Wizard. This, however, has backfired heavily on Forestarm, who is now a glorified secretary and babysitter.   He has also been known to be an admirable father, at least from the outside looking in, as the children he adopted are all strong and powerful, and all sit towards the top of their class in the Magic College.
The hatred of the Court Wizard extends farther, and reaches even the farthest parts of Humanity. The Jihdi view the idea of the King delegating his tasks to another person as weak, as their Empress handles most of the Court Wizard's duties herself. Creating an extra position is seen as a sign of frailty.   Shafaians think the entire idea of serving the King so loyally with so much effort is dumb, and any visit from Court Wizards to Shafai often results in ridicule and fruits being thrown at them until they leave.  

Partial Respect

Some statues of Court Wizards have been built in Human settlements, though they are often much smaller than statues of Kings and famous heroes, and are even vandalized at a much higher rate.   The only statue of a Court Wizard that remains untouched is that of Varth Dreamless, who is seen as the spiritual creator of the Court Wizard position.
Varth Dreamless by Jarhed


Varth Dreamless was one of the first Humans, alongside Gellark Lionrage. Gellark was crowned King early on, though Varth was considered stronger than him. Still, the two men were not a match for the Goblins who populated the Northern portion of Elone, which they had taken from the remnants of the Giant Kingdom not too long before Humanity's arrival.   Varth decided to shoulder the burden and beg for help from the Queen over Ravens. She obliged him, granting him Item Magic that could handle the Goblins. Death Magic.   This magic granted Varth immeasurable power, enough to kill anything in his path, but it came at a great cost. Varth lost control of his body as the skin began to wither away until he was nothing but bones piloted by a desire to kill anything in his path. He was only taken out when Gellark Lionrage defeated him in a duel with the help of the World Court, who imprisoned Dreamless.   When Lionrage founded Nerodil in the remains of the lands Varth cleared, he acknowledged that Varth had done all of the work, and that Gellark had only been there to clean up his mess. In his honor, and in recognition of Varth's unbearable power, Gellark created the position of Court Wizard, a powerful mage who would do most of the work for the King.   To be fair to Gellark, the responsibilities of the Court Wizard were not as great as they are now when he created the position, as Gellark was an active King. After his disappearance, however, the job became something to dump responsibilities onto, and became much less revered and more ignored or even despised. Some have called it a fitting legacy for the Death mage, while others simply shrug at the mention of Court Wizard and say,
"Is that, like, some kind of Magic guy? You're gonna have to be more specific."

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