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Fpridabmelin Snilodawa (FPREE'dahb'mehl'een SNEE'loh'dah'wah)


  Fpridabmelin Snilodawa (trans. Alchemists of the Kingdom, Kingdom's Alchemists), also known as sniəvekshan hanagh (trans. jewel waters), are tasked, among many other things, with maintaining the jewel market in Yzel.   In general alchemists are considered the lowest of those who are able to use magic. They do not possess enough inherent ability to control the six essences outright and instead work mostly with probability.   Synthetic jewels are not illegal on the continent. However, the selling of both raw and finished pieces as natural when they are, in fact, made from synthetics, is considered fraud. Jewel sellers must obtain a license from the state in order to sell their wares. Most consider this a nuisance and would rather simply sell than deal with any alchemists at all. This has made the profession extremely undervalued.   Most day to day operations run smoothly and thus the department as a whole is seen as a waste of money. This leads to the department constantly being underfunded. However, when there is a fraud case, they are reviled for not preventing it.   Despite the general aversion to alchemists and the department among the populace, those in the legitimate jewelry field respect them and those who reach the position of department head often overcome the stigma of their magic and become highly respected in the magical community.



In order to become a jewel watcher, an alchemist must demonstrate high proficiency in geology, alchemy, and memorization ability. A test is administered by the department of commerce. This involves a written portion regarding knowledge of raw gems and alchemy and practical exam in which applicants must discern fake jewels from among both raw gems and finished pieces. A prospect must score at least 85% on both sections to be considered for employment. The test is 30 pavacs and can be taken as many times as the applicant wishes.

Payment & Reimbursement

They are paid a yearly salary of approximately 29,000-62,000 pavacs per year depending on experience and time working for the kingdom.

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