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Head of the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa

The Fpridabmelin Snilodawa (trans. Alchemists of the Kingdom) are charged with maintaining the jewelry trade within Yzel  They are funded by the state and regulate the mining, production, and sale of precious stones within the kingdom, along with maintaining some prestige in Eoion as well, despite being a different country. Their ratings and rulings are used by both countries, although informally in Eoion as they have their own equivalent department.    While the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa are often underappreciated by the general public (the same for alchemists in general), the head of the department is often considered one of the most skilled in the field of alchemy and highly respected by other alchemists and the wider magical community.


In order to qualify for the position, a person must be proficient in alchemy and become a member of the department. This is accomplished through a test administered by the department of commerce.  In order to become a jewel watcher, an alchemist must demonstrate high proficiency in geology, alchemy, and memorization ability. Candidates who wish to ride to the headship must score exceptionally well on all aspects of the test in order to be considered. However, there have been a few instances in history in which the headship was conferred on someone who honed their alchemical skills later in their career.    There are no time of employment requirements for the position, although most have worked within the department for between twenty and thirty years. A track record of accomplishments within the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa is necessary. These are often decisive investigations into large or important cases. Other accomplishments can also involve mentoring other alchemists and creating innovations in the alchemical field, particularly in jewelry fraud detection.    An informal qualification is the ability to work between governmental departments and create alliances. Along with this, the person is expected to be able to defend the department at budgetary hearings and to the general public. They must be able to teach regarding their work and state why it is important. Often those who are awarded the position have served directly under a previous head at some point in their career and/or been head of a regional office.    The slight diplomatic nature of the role also necessitates that the person be at least somewhat fluent in Eoin.


Appointment to this rank is conferred by the reigning monarch, with the approval of the council, and a vote by the regional department heads. Any one of the groups can nominate a person for the position all three must agree on their appointment.


The Head is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the department, continued innovation of fraud detection methods, and supervising all of the regional heads. Each month they are expected to hold a meeting with representatives of these offices and once every five years travel around Yzel to ensure the each is running smoothly and is free from corruption.    They are also the public face of the department and frequently communicate with the public. Along with this, they are the ambassador for the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa when the department must communicate with their counterpart in Eoion.


The benefits of the role are mostly prestige based. Those who hold the title, or have held it, are considered one of the foremost experts in the field of alchemy. Their salary is higher than the rest of the department, but not much more than a regional head.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Corruption is the most common reason for dismissal. Any proof that the Head engaged in jewel forgery or other criminal activity is grounds for immediate dismissal. This is a dishonorable dismissal and is guaranteed to end in a prison sentence and loss of reputation.    If the Head is shown to be suffering from either a physical or mental illness that overwhelmingly impedes their ability to continue their duties, they can be dismissed. This is considered an honorable dismissal and the former Head retains all of the honors they gained while serving the department. Those dismissed while their mind is still intact often become a mentor to the next head or take a job teaching other alchemists, whatever their condition allows.    Retirement is also possible. If a Head wishes to retire from the position, a vote is performed among the ruler, the council, and the regional heads. If two out of three agree, the Head is allowed to step down. This is also considered an honorable dismissal.
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
Head, Lord/Lady
Source of Authority
Yzel government
Length of Term
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