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Demon Hunter



Only an understanding of the existance of demons is required to practice as a demon hunter. The ability to use basic armaments and survive a fight are highly recommended.

Payment & Reimbursement

Unless a demon hunter has enough of a reputation to be hired, it is generally an unpaid profession. Demon hunters often turn to petty crime to find their work, justifying their misdeeds as necessary in the fight against evil.


Social Status

In modern society, any belief in the existance of demons, much less to the point of hunting them, is considered a sign of mental instability. Active demon hunters frequently hide their work for the safety of those around them. Those that do speak openly of their adventures are quickly discredited as frauds by the science and psychology communities.  Over time, many demon hunters have come to resent average people both for their denying the reality of demons and their willingness to look the other way when proof is presented.


People from any age or walk of life may feel the call to hunt a demon. Some seek revenge, some see it as a holy crusade, while others see it as a way out of life's boredom.



Demon Hunters frequently use an array of firearms and various melee weapons. Depending on the type of demon to be killed, they may use herbs, blessed water, or a variety of rituals based on their own belief system.


Some hunters may choose to stick close to their hometown, protecting it from demonic interferance, while others view the entire planet as their hunting grounds, traveling wherever work takes them.

Provided Services

Exorcisms Binding Execution

Dangers & Hazards

Demonic Posession Injury and Disfigurement Death
Public Services
Due to the fact that demons do not officially exist, there is no legal domain regarding the acts of a Demon Hunter. They work based on their personal code of honor, giving moderate respect to local laws that do not interfere with their work.
Famous in the Field


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