Delivery Worker

Delivery workers are seen as common sights, even to those never receiving any of the items that they deliver. On the Somer Plate, these delivery workers are expected to go everywhere where humanoidly possible without complaint, and many do.   Many of those who become delivery workers do so in hopes of being given the chance to see parts of the world that they normally wouldn't be able to see. Not everyone gets to travel very far, but those that do can tell of the strange places that they see, much to the disbelief of their audience. It's not uncommon that minstrels also double as delivery workers, as they use the opportunity to see the world to gather material for their stories and songs.   Delivery work can be both boring and interesting. This all depends on what duty the delivery worker gets. Some are stationed within a network of buildings, some within a city, some across a road; the most adventurous of delivery workers love being sent to rarer locations that didn't have any specific delivery worker assigned to it.   Being a delivery worker could be a dangerous job, even in a peaceful region. There are thieves that prey on delivery workers as they are often carrying at least one valuable item or letter. Thankfully this doesn't discourage everyone. Still, the delivery workers are trained in weaponry to allow them to defend their packages and letters with skill. They are expected to do so with their lives. If a delivery worker lost their precious burden, they were instantly fired, no questions asked. And although delivery workers were seen as a common worker that didn't really do much of importance, a dishonoured delivery worker was looked down upon even by those who would spit on their profession as being over-valued. It was difficult for a discharged delivery worker to find a new job, as many wouldn't employ someone who failed at such a simple job.


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