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More Difficult Than One Realizes   People hear functionary and think fairly easy job. It's not. The job is actually very difficult and stressful. Whether it be a trade company, a lord or a Corps, you're employer leans heavily on you for legal and monetary assistance as well as ensuring the securing of foodstuffs. If the job requires extensive travel, the functionary must also be able to convert currency or at least understand the value of their homelands currency in the country they are currently in.   There's also the fact that a lot of them are targets for thieves. They have access to account ledgers, vaults and shipment information. A very welcome target. Some actually higher bodyguards, others take lessons in swordplay and hand-to-hand in order to defend themselves.



Math skills, organization skills, diplomatic skills, political knowledge of various kingdoms, currency exchange rates

Career Progression

Most apprentice to an expert starting around fifteen. Their instruction last about five years, at which point they usually find a place of work. Some help business, others with trade-ships. Some, if they are friends with Riders or are Riders themselves, will join Corps.

Payment & Reimbursement

Pay depends on where they get work. Those working with Corps, Lords/Ladies or large organizations or trade companies get paid the best.

Other Benefits

Travel. They get to travel a lot if with a Corps or trade group and the travel is covered.



To help:
  • manage finances
  • supply management
  • foreign relations
  • lawyer
  • officiant

Social Status

They are respected but people don't realize how much time and energy they have to put into their jobs. It's seen as bureaucratic and low risk, which it can be, except when they work with certain groups.



Ink, quills/pens, notebooks
An Opinion On The Job   The number of times I've had people tell me my jobs boring or low-risk drive me insane. I'm trying to balance the accounts and supply lines for my queen. It's stressful. She also comes to me when she needs legal advice or aid, which adds to the stress.   I mean, I enjoy my job, I really do. It lets me do what I'm good at; managing numbers, people and supplies. It also keeps my mind off the extensional dreads of the possible end of existence that is barreling towards us a speeds exceeding that of a Lightning Eclipses top flying speeds.   Regardless of the stress, I wouldn't change my career. I feel I am contributing to something and I know I am helping people, ensuring lives are good. In a way, I am protecting my people's future, making it better in my own way.
Administration / Management

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