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Indarie. I often wonder where that name came from. There is no mention of it anywhere expect in the notes of an apparent madman from the beginning of our written histories. Regardless, it is what we, the Eledrhim, have come to call our wonderous world. I couldn't come up with a name if I was tasked with it, besides, Indarie has always been just that, Indarie.   To our world in general. From what we can tell, the world is around one million years old. Pinpointing a specific age is difficult, as our written records only go back five hundred thousand years, but our oral traditions suggest a great amount of time before that, so our historians estimated a reasonable amount of time for those before years. Others from the younger kin will argue that the world can't possibly be that old. I find the arguments to be tiring, not worth the effort it takes to engage in. Lord Sadron, the ridiculous child, will gladly argue with their historians and I'll leave him to it, if he insists.    With more detail comes the three major landmasses we've explored: Gîlmunrîel, Xerxes and Cydrin, as well as several thousand islands. Gîlmunrîel is inhabited by my people, the Eledhrim, as well as many other wonderous species, including the Drakie-kin. Xerxes is home to three major human kingdoms; Coruscare, Eiresie and Yorutoshi. Cydrin has four more human kingdoms; Illary, Rizear, Dharma and Colali as well as the rich, mostly unknown Dwarf lands under the mountains. A major archipelago chain in the Tanzanite Ocean is home to the Pupuhi'atu. A second, located just south of the Coruscaren Empre is home to the pirate city of Kamba.   While there are skirmishes, disagreements and all out wars between all groups, the one thing most of us agree on, is the danger that the Maiscear pose. Most. The Coruscaren's are a stubborn bunch and seem to have a hard time believing that there are actual Demons and not just crazy Casters running about, causing chaos.    It is a wonderful world. A world on the brink of war. We tetter on the brink of chaos but it's so quiet, so seemingly peaceful. It's coming, sooner than we'd like to admit. War is coming. The Void is coming.