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Federation Navy Communications Officer

The backbone of the Interstellar Navy

"Without our communication officers, our whole damn Navy would fall apart within the hour. I'd rather have a good comms officer than a decent captain."
Navy Communications Officer is a role within the Federation Navy, concerned with communication between fellow vessels and headquarters. There are generally several communication officers on each individual ship, although depending on the ship type there can be many more, or on some smaller ships, the role can be filled by other crew members.   The Communication Officer is one of the many specialist roles within the Federation Navy. The communication equipment, especially that used by the largest ships, is considered especially difficult to operate and does often require a trained technician. Training for the role is usually undertaken in several courses in navy academies, however, exceptions have been and can be made for those who have taken similar courses in universities not affiliated with the Navy.   Despite often being considered a vital part of the Federation war machine, communication officers are often looked down upon by their fellow crew members. Many of these crew members often believe the communication officer does nothing more than talking on a radio, and is often perceived as an easy job. Communication officers are often portrayed as being above most other crew members in film and media, adding to the natural hatred against them. This has led to shortages of communication officers in the past, but following a Navy wide pay rise, the shortage was quickly dealt with.



The role of the communication officer is to provide constant or near constant communication with navy officials, which helps keeps the entire navy operational and useful.
Specialist Role (Low-Medium Demand)
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