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Those who pursue the path of the hunt are never taken seriously in the Macji'Ozara society. And yet, it is the Nimrod that ensures that the settlement is fed, while Seekers and Scholars continue to bury their noses in lore.
  One of the most vital so-called "mindless" professions is that of the Nimrod. Nimrods are responsible for hunting and preparing food for the Secluded Sanctuary and surrounding groups. Additionally, they accompany Wandering Seekers and Scholars on their travels in order to protect them from dangerous beasts or folk.   Although some Nimrods choose the path of the hunter, many have this option thrust upon them when, as Seekers, they are not offered to be taught by a Scholar. During this time of uncertainty, expert Nimrods will begin to seek out those Macji'Ozara folk that they believe to be especially strong, swift, or quick-thinking. Once undergoing physical tests, which includes single-handedly killing an Ogumo (giant spider), they are inducted into the Nimrod order.   Nimrods have pride in the value they provide to the community. Even if they do not receive outside validation from the Macji'Ozara, they have a close-knit familial group within their hunting teams. Through their experiences, they learn of a warrior's intelligence of creative and quick thinking to bring down beasts three times their size and often just as vicious. Strength and dexterity are valued attributes for Nimrods, as well as the ability to stealthily track their prey.   Despite the stigma of leaving the Seeker path, there are many aspects that Nimrods excel at beyond their peers. They have a great understanding how to both navigate and survive in the desert. They often catalogue the various beasts they come across, including the best ways to fell them. Nimrods are also well-versed in poisons animals possess. They are often knowledgeable in using bows, spears, and short swords. However, their preferred weapon is the atlatl.
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry

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Jul 23, 2021 14:45 by A

This is definitely a undervalued job in a world that see their food just appear on the table. I can see these people being looked down upon due to their work and their lore/knowledge of survival against nature and elements in such harsh environment being undervalued. Good article and adaptation to prompt!

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Jul 31, 2021 22:55 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thank so much! Nimrod is an old word that means hunter. But in American vernacular, it usually just means idiot. I like to show the value in all kinds of knowledge so I hope that came across here.

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