Muck Runners

As told by Nal'Draken

Muck Runners, I wouldn't want to be this job even if it was the last job in my life. Sorry if I'm very opinionated with it, but I don't want to be a Muck Runner. But I'll gladly tell you about them.



To be a Muck Runner you have to be strong and well balanced, mentally, physically you just need to be able to take a full chamber pot to the massive wagon that holds all of the chamber pot "stuff" gods even thinking about it makes me want to gag.
Most of the Muck Runners that I've met don't really even know how to read, or write. So education isn't really something that you need to be a Muck Runner.

Payment & Reimbursement

What I've seen for payment of the Muck Runner has been two to three Horcoins after a days work. They would work everyday in shifts that I could see, a Muck Runner never came to the castle otherwise that stench would stain everything in the entire throne room.



Muck Runners fulfill the sanitation department of the cities. They take the chamber pots that people leave outside of their door step and place them inside the wagon before they take off to the next house. Once the sector that they were assigned to clean is finished they take the wagon to a massive rotting hole and dump the content in there. There's reasons why cities don't walk on one side of the town, and it's for that very same reason.

Social Status

Socially the Muck Runners rank at the lowest of the social hierarchy. People will run away from the wagons that the Muck Runners drive if they see them down the street. I know I moved away from them, not out of fear for the actual Muck Runners themselves, but because that stench they carry with them.
Alternative Names
Dung Cleaners and Trashmen
It's a burden for those who can't find a better job


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