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Potion Brewer

It's hard enough to keep jobs these days with all those fancy surgeries and little tablets. If you're going to complain about the price, then I suggest you leave before I turn you into an Ashen Blight.  
- A Savant in Strigea
  Potion Brewers are often swept under the rug due to the advancement of technology in medicine. Though this does not discern them as useless, their services are sought out as mere luxuries than necessities. They are only approached for assassins to procure poison or couples who failed to bear children a pregnancy potion. They are now only available in alleys of Strigea.



A savant must know an array of herbs and basic potions before they are qualified to be one. This is to ensure that the brewer is genuine or an impostor. Once the brewer is able to prove themselves during a test conducted by the ministry in Strigea, they will be granted a certificate that can ensure their safe transaction with customers. This certificate still applies into Era 5 even with the emergence of medicine.



Prior to hospices and medicines, savants are fairly common sight in marketplaces, offering health potions and elixirs to travelers and nobles alike. They were sought after for their expertise with dealing wounds and their potions are almost effective in combatting diseases. Qualification certificates are required for savants as there are impostors scattering about in kingdoms alike.   Things changed when surgeries and medicines were introduced and potion brewing became more scarce due to the materials are primarily used in medicines. Potion brewing are reduced to poison making and certain special potions such as pregnancy potion. Their reputation falls due to this change of activity and they become alleyway merchants.
Alternative Names
Considered as a luxury, though the nobles are not fond of their handiwork

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