Street Sweeper

A tough and often thankless job, being a street sweeper is far from glamorous. However, it does come with steady pay and a fair amount of job safety to outweigh some of the less attractive aspects of the work.    Most larger towns and cities have street sweepers in their employ. It is somewhat of a necessity if people don't want their towns to be filled with litter and muck and smell really bad.



The qualifications to become a street sweeper is to be of an adult age for your species, have some strength and endurance as well as a somewhat stronger stomach to be able to handle the oftentimes, literally, shitty work.

Payment & Reimbursement

Street sweepers are reimbursed by whoever governs the town or city and the funds typically come from taxes paid by the citizens.



Street sweepers do what the name implies. They keep a settlement's streets clear of any litter such as random detritus that has fallen off of carts or market stalls, trash that people have dropped or thrown on the ground, and dung from horses and other animals that pass through.

Social Status

Being a street sweeper is considered to be a profession for the lowest classes in society. Anyone from the upper class wouldn't be caught dead working in such a field but even if they were to take employment as a street sweeper, odds are that their peers would never know as no one with higher standards would ever give a street sweeper a second glance.


Dangers & Hazards

Street sweepers who work the day shift run a great risk of being trampled by a horse or other big animal or run over by a cart. They also have to deal with rude people and get accused of being in the way a lot while they're trying to remove things from the street which would be unpleasant for anyone to step on.    The street sweepers who work the night shift are at less risk of being trampled or harassed by rude people but run a greater risk of bearing witness to something illegal and thus becoming a target of whoever they saw or the organisation the criminal works for.
Alternative Names
Shit sweepers


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