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Emperor Malthin II

Emperor Malthin Astalles

Malthin Astalles grew up as the second child to Hatan and Eza Astralles from an early age and with no real aspect of gaining the throne and no desire to have it.   Malthin would excel in school and when he got older and had proven that he was good enough, he was given his province to govern.   When The war of Western expansion broke out he was still governing his province but when legion after legion was destroyed, Malthin decided to gather his legions and raised another two auxiliary legions and marched towards the frontline where he was to stay for the entire war.   After the war, many expected him to continue in the army where he had shown himself to be a brilliant military leader but to many people's shock he stood down his legions and returned to his province and continued to rule in his province, a province that may have been spared for the fighting but the war had still taken a huge toll on the population.   When The Decade of 5 Emperors broke out, even when his sister Empress Krea Astalles died and he tried to stay out and even turned down the throne, even when the rebels killed his aunt Jarin in an ambush and proceeded to kill the newly crowned Empress Elenora Astalles shortly after she took the throne, he once again raised his legions and joined on the side of Emperor Zane Astalles when he marched towards Pearlhal that was under siege, doing the battle Zane was wounded and would later die of his wounds handing over the throne to Malthin who would as the 5th emperor take up the fight against the rebels and would bring a whole new level of fighting to the rebels, he would employ tactics he learned during the previous war.   When the civil war ended the huge task of rebuilding began and Malthin would dedicate the rest of his reign to the rebuilding of his nation, 130 years after the war ended, the Empire of Dercia have enjoyed a new golden age.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

For a man of his age, Malthin is in rather good shape but is beginning to show signs of getting older.

Facial Features

When in public, he tends to have a serious face.   Always have a beard that looks like it's a few days old.

Physical quirks

He has a slight halt, that he got when he got injured during the civil war. The halt is not really noticeable but observed for long enough it becomes visible.

Personality Characteristics


Malthin grew up originally, without any chance to sit on the throne. So as a young member of the royal family he prepared himself for a life where he would try and make reforms and or laws for the population of Derica better, originally he did not intend to do the years in the military as was a family tradition but when The war of Western expansion and some decades later The Decade of 5 Emperors started he was forced to enter the wars and emerged as a brilliant military leader, but after the devastation brought upon the nation he returned to his original motivation and began to rebuild the nation and make reforms and laws that improved the life of the population.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Hunting Family paperwork or rather administration    Dislikes: Meetings that could have been a sending spell


Always seem to have a beard that looks a few days old.



Emperor Malthin has so far been sitting on the throne for 130 years.

Family Ties

Social Aptitude

When out among the public, Malthing will sometimes stop the possession to talk to the commoners that have shown up.


He has an aura of an officer, together with sometimes looking serious and conscientious, this is more a facade he puts on when on official duties, this is mostly a result of him growing up in a militarized society.

Hobbies & Pets

During his lifetime, he has owned several pets, especially the (blank)     He enjoys riding, watching plays and spending time with his family.


Eza Astalles


Towards Emperor Malthin II


Emperor Malthin II


Towards Eza Astalles


Wealth & Financial state

Being the emperor does mean that he has a large income that he tends to use to sponsor games in the Hippodrome Festivus for the public to watch.   When he took over the throne after the civil war in the following years he used both his personal income and the state treasure to rebuild the nation.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
995 IC 290 Years old
Current Residence
short, black with spots of grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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