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Hanum is the capital city of Castmia Province in the Empire of Dercia. It's located on a crossroad where some smaller roads cross the Continental highway.   Many call Hanum an idyllic city, and while many will agree, under the idyllic surface, it's known by the nobles of the empire that the young prince has a growing conflict with his sister Crown Princess Ira. A delicate balance between autocracy and benevolence marks Prince Osil's rule. He tries to ensure the welfare of his people while maintaining a certain level of secrecy that shrouds his true motivations. Some whisper that he have allied himself with powers that might well be out of his control.


The city is ruled by Prince Osril, that is advised by a small council that helps guide the young prince.


The defences of Hanum consist of an old city wall that many of the advisors to Prince Osril have argued should be not only improved massively but also that it would be in the cities interest to expand the wall and have it contain more of the newer settlements that have sprung up outside the old wall.


The market district is a place bustling with activity. Here, merchants from all over the empire come to sell and buy their wares. It's possible to buy almost anything at the market as the merchants bring everything from spices, precious gems, and fabrics to fish caught in the local river by the local fishermen, but some sail out to the sea and bring larger fish to the market.   The city has a recently rebuilt arena for gladiator flights and darker events such as executions.
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The city's architecture reflects the fusion of Dercian influence and the local style. Vibrant mosaics adorn the walls of the many public buildings, depicting scenes of abundant nature and tales belonging to the Starlighters Pantheon. Shady courtyards, cooled by gentle breezes and cascading fountains, offer respite from the tropical heat to the locals during the middle of the day.


The river that floats through the city acts as a bustling artery of trade and transportation, as small boats and barges ferry goods and people along its banks. The gentle sound of flowing water is a soothing backdrop to the cities activities, as locals and visitors find solace in its serenity.


The city of Hanum basks in the warmt of a perpetual tropical climate, with vibrant tropical flowers that bloom all year round, the local winds carry the scent from the orcheeds that surround the city and gives the air a scent of exotic fruits. Tropical trees sway in the wind and offers a respite as well as shade to the locals as they go about their daily life.
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