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First unification war

The First unification war is the name given to the first part of what have later on been known as just the unification wars.   The war has by scholars been used as an example of violence running out of control, none of the belligerent states expected the war to last more than a year at best but once Pearlhal began to win and the city-states further away became nervose that Pearlhal would not stop once they reached their borders so the other city-states allied themself with the original city-states and that way the war kept spreading and Pealhal was forced to fight further and further away from their original goal.    After 200 years of war, though with periods of relative peace, the first official truce was signed between Pearlhal and most of the still independent city-states. The reason given for the truce was that both sides were broke and tired of war, this was mostly true for the other city-states, Pearlhal had been able to maintain a decent trading fleet but the population was getting somewhat tired of the fighting and missing their relatives. The unofficial reason for the truce was that over the years a lot of dead people was still laying on the battlefields and with the truce now in place both sides could send out clerics and priests to give the dead a proper burial.

The Conflict


Between when the Ancient Empire fell and the year 63, the Dercian Republic felt that it was under constant pressure from the other city-states now that the city could no longer rely on the protection from the empire. This over the years lead to infighting in the republic and ended with the election of the first monarch in over 500 years.   This newly elected monarch in an attempt to both gain public support and to lighten the pressure the city was under elected to attack the nearby city-states.



Under the protection of the ancient empire, the city had prospered and grown, this made it possible for it to field two well equipped and trained armies, that depending on the situation would work independent of each other or work together to perform pincher movements against the enemy armies that sometimes would outnumber a single army.  

Alliance of City-states:

Just as Pearlhal, the city-states had prospered and were capable of fielding well-equipped armies but unlike Pearlhal the city-states lacked coordination and trust between each other and this was exploited by their enemy.


Pearlhal becomes the undisputed master of the northern part of Derica.


The victories by the armies of Pealhal make it city believe that only it can protect the region and it, therefore, have to take over the region.    The long-term effect of this belief results in the conquest of the last city state in the Dercian region in 842 and the formation of the Empire of Dercia in 1126.

Historical Significance


Over the years, both during the war as the war dragged on and later on during the imperial period the wars together known just as the unification wars, came to play a big part in the creation myth formed around the empire.

In Literature

Countless works about anything from the psychological effect the wars had on the people to the tactics used by the commanders have been written about the war and is today used by scholars or students on the academies.

Technological Advancement

It was during the war that the Legions that Dercia, later on, would become famous and feared for was first tested in large scale warfare, before this they had mainly been an untested formation only used against bandit camps and small skirmishes along the borders.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The city of Pearlhal emerges as the dominant city in the region.


Dercian city-states


Unknown but estimated to be around 20.000 - 40.000
Unknown but estimated to be around 20.000 - 60.000


estimated to be around 500.000
estimated to be around 700.000


First goal: secure the city Second goal: prevent external powers to gain a foothold in the region.
Either conquer the city of Pearlhal or prevent the city from gaining too much power.


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