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Midnight Truce

The Midnight Truce was a truce that was put in place between the commanding officers and soldiers of the Kingdom of Dercia and the Alliance of City-states.    The Truce gained its name several years later and was given it as a symbol that from the truce and forward it could only get brighter and better.  

The Kingdom of Derica.

Following up to the Midnight Truce the two sides have been involved in some of the most brutal fightings during the war to this point, both sides were tired of fighting and at one point the Dercians refused to move out of their fort until reinforcements and fresh supplies had been brought to them and instead of punishing them the officers who also could use the rest accepted the demands and the Dercian army settled down for the time being.  

Alliance of City-States.

The soldiers of the Alliance had just as their Dercian counterparts been fighting hard and sometimes had come out worse so when their commanders told them that they needed to move out and move to another position that they had received orders from high command, the soldiers refused to move and stated that they had been fighting for only the gods knew how long and that they had not been paid for a long time so until their commanding officers could give them their pay they would not move out.    This put the officers in a dilemma because many of them had not received pay either along with that the orders they had received would be impossible without reinforcements and fresh supplies, but there was also officers those who didn't pay much mind to the common soldier and a group of these rode off to tell the main army stationed 3 days away.  

The Truce begins.

Without knowing that the two sides at almost the same time had decided to stay at their forts and soon both sides were sending out parties to hunt for food but also to bury some of their deads and it was at one of these burial groups that the two sides when the soldiers walked into a clearing where a battle had taken place a few days before.   Having recovered from the surprise one of the alliance soldiers stepped forward with raised hands and in broken Dercian explained their purpose and soon after the two groups worked alongside each other talking and telling about their life back home, it didn't take long for the two leading officers to declare a truce and when they groups had buried their dead they shook hands and went back to their respective forts to tell about the truce they had made and within a few hours the two sides were working along with each other in burning their fallen and other groups were playing games and other activities.    
One of the Dercian legionares told me that they were bored of the war and asked me why in the name of the gods what we were fighting for? I asked him about how the situation was back in Pearlhal since I had some family living there.
  • Unknown Alliance soldier.

Public Knowledge of the truce.

The public came to know about the truce when reports of fraternising between the two sides in a section of the front had happened and that a truce made by the soldiers themself had been honoured for the better part of a week and was only broken when a detachment from the Alliance army came and replaced their comrades.

Historical Significance


The truce has since then been seen as unique and by others put in a romanticized view.   The truce has been by some seen as the spirit that was dominant in those years of the war with war tiredness and can also be seen as the soldiers taking back some of the control they had lost at the outbreak of the war.

In Literature

Several books and songs along with plays have been made since the truce telling about the story.
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Kingdom of Derica
Alliance of City-states




several casks of beer and wine along with several types of animals
several casks of beer and wine.


Bring honour to the kingdom by defeating the Alliance in the several drinking games played throughout the truce.
Defeating the Kingdom in the several drinking games.


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