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Siege of the five kings

The siege of the five kings is the name given by scholars to the siege of Padus where an army from Pearlhal had retreated following its defeat in the field nearby.   Officers and soldiers that partook in the battle and the following siege have later on made fun of the name because as they would mention, there were only four kings present at the siege.   The town of Padus was a town located in the newly formed Kingdom of Dercia but by the year 68 it had almost been cut of from the rest of the kingdom but the Alliance of City-states. decided to take over the town to close the gap in their lines and to prevent the Kingdom in staging attacks deep behind their lines.   Once every month the Alliance would send a demand to the town demanding its surrender, the general of the besieged army would as usual refuse the demand. It was known that the year-earlier a town surrendered to the Kingdom but was later reconquered and was massacred, to avoid this the general would send out the major part of the civilian population when the siege started.

The Conflict


Preceding the siege, the alliance of city-states had managed to inflict a devastating defeat on one of Pearlhals armies but the general from Pearlhal had by sacrificing 3 cohorts worth of men been able to make a fighting retreat back to the nearby town where the soldiers from Pearlhal were now busy prepping for a siege.   When the Pearlhal army had made it inside the town, the first thing they did was to expel the part of the population that was neither not in the fighting age or condition, with this done the army gathered all the metal that could be found in the town and some of the army blacksmiths settled down to create weapons for the newly formed militia.


With the Pearlhal army locked up inside the town preparing for a siege, the four armies that followed set up around the town and began to prepare for the upcoming siege by constructing siege engines and digging trenches.


The besieging armies made heavy use of ranged magic attacks together with non-magical equipment.


Both sides suffered during the siege in the form of diseases because of the environment the town where located in which was wet thanks to the marches nearby.    While both sides tried to keep the diseases under control by the use of magic but due to the size of the armies it was impossible to keep on top of it.

The Engagement

the Alliance of City-states armies regularly tried to storm the walls but were, again and again, beaten back by the defending army.    the alliance tried this form of attack for the first five months until after severe losses so when the latest attack was beaten back they settled down, improved the siegeworks and decided to try and starve the defending army into defeat.


Alliance of City-states. is forced to lift the siege and the army splits up mostly due to disagreements between the 4 kings leading the army.   For Pearlhal, they are finally able to gather enough men to raise an army to relieve the besieged army.


The disagreement that caused the break-up of the alliance army would make it impossible for the alliance to field a large united army.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
5th of Eksax 68
Ending Date
25th of Jeha 70
Conflict Result
the Alliance of City-states is forced to lift the size when rumors of a huge Pearlhal army is on its way.


Alliance of City-staes


Less than 5000 but were supported by 630 militias.
Around 20.000


Around 3000.
More than 10.000


Survive and wait for reinforcements.
Take the town and destroy the enemy inside.


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