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Battle Of Kings Betrayal

The Battle Of Kings Betrayal is likely even though it happened early on in the war, the most brutal battle to take place during the war.    Following a battle that took place a week earlier, that ended in a victory for the Kingdom of Dercia the commanding general received a message after that battle that the king leading the enemy army was ready to surrender. Now a week later the Dercian army stood in front of one of the gates to the enemy capital Ariocaster.   The gates to the city were open.

The Conflict


The prelude to the battle was a previous battle fought just a week earlier where a Dercian army had beaten an army from Alliance of City-states. and the Dercians were now marching towards the capital to receive the surrender of one of the kings from the battle.


The battlefield was inside the city of Ariocaster with soldiers fighting from street to street, house to house.


Warm weather had made everything very dry and only made the conditions for the battle worse as the fight dragged on.

The Engagement

The Dercian army was marching through the gate called "The Church" along the main road and when the last part of the army had passed through the gate and had moved a fair distance away the gate was quietly closed by people sympathising with the enemy.   Once the Dercian army had marched into the city along the main road, a signal in the form of a cart being dragged in front of the marching army forced the entire column to stop and then the enemy made up of soldiers from the slain alliance army along with civilians that didn't want to surrender to the Dercians, came out of their houses and from the sidestreets and attacked the side of the column inflicting serious damage.   The Dercian army, as a result of the ambush, had been split into several smaller groups now fighting for survival against attacks that came from all sides and even above with rocks, arrows and spells, but once it recovered from the chock that was the ambush and the officers regained their control of the soldiers began to move away from the main street and into the side streets and alleyways where they could regroup.   The fighting between the two sides lasted for the rest of the day and most of the following day with fighting continuing throughout the night.    By the time the ambush had been defeated, the dercian soldiers had been fighting for the better part of 36 hours and with the losses of so many of their comrades that the soldiers had gotten so angry and worked up that the general lost control of the army and the soldiers went on a rampage through the city and plundered and murdered their way through all that did not have the right uniform.   At some point, someone somewhere in the city had knocked over some fire that had then set something on fire and because of the warm weather and dry conditions at the time, combined with the people being more occupied with plunder or surviving to put out the fire so it was allowed to spread and soon the entire city was engulfed in flames.


Enemy capital razed to the ground with thousands of people killed, both soldiers and civilians.   The enemy king who had planned and given the order for the ambush, fled the city once the attack began to turn against him but was later captured hiding in a small inn and would be brought to Pearlhal where he was found guilty of breaking the sacred right of surrender and executed.


The long-term effects of the battle were that as a result of the battle both sides began to study urban fighting and the Dercians came up with a tactic that between the soldiers would be known as F.I.S.H and C.H.I.P.S (fighting in someone's house and causing havoc in people's streets)   But it also showed how fast a general could lose control of his army if not being careful.

Historical Significance

The city was never rebuilt, and to this day more than 1200 years later, the ruins of the city can still be found and is a popular place for people who study history.


Showed a darker side to the conflict.   It is a conflicting battle for the Dercian military in that they are both proud and ashamed of the battle, proud of the fact that they won a difficult battle and ashamed because of the following destruction.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
14 of Camue 146
Ending Date
16 of Camue 146
Conflict Result
Dercian victory, enemy capital razed to the ground


Kingdom of Derica
Alliance of City-states


Estimated to be 4200.
Estimated to be around 2000.


Estimated to be 600.
Wiped out.


Before ambush: ensure the surrender of the enemy king After ambush: make sure it does not happen again.
Kill the Dercian army, kidnap the prince leading it and use him to force a truce.


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