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Second Battle Of The Frozen Harbor

The Second Battle Of The Frozen Harbor were the culmination of a series of battles fought by the 5th Army under the command of Cornelia Flavia Astalles.   Following the defeat in the first battle, the Dercians retreated and left the corn chamber of the kingdom wide open, while the Dercians were able to prevent a total collapse of the kingdom, it cost them dearly, the alliance armies were contained and many attempts of retaking the area were tried but failed until the year 208 when Cornelia managed to sneak an entire legion of cavalry past the patrols of the enemy and for weeks raid the countryside, this had two main goals, one were to prevent the enemy in getting the resources of the land and instead use them themself or burn them to deny it to the enemy, the other goal were to force the Alliance commander into sending troops to the area from the border and make it easier for the four legions waiting at breaking through the lines.   the strategy were a huge success and two years later, the two armies were once again standing where it had all began those forty years before.

The Conflict


The Dercians had been chasing an alliance army for weeks by this point, the alliance army had been routed earlier and the Dercian army had been hot on their heels since, several times the Dercians had been offering battle to the alliance but each time they had been running but the 15th of Mara the Alliace army had lined up for battle.


Kingdom of Dercia:

The Dercian forces were strategically arranged in their customary formation, featuring thinner flanks with a robust centre. The overarching strategy relied on the flanks' resilience to delay the enemy's advance, granting the centre time to break the adversary's lines. This breakthrough manoeuvre aimed to encircle and dismantle the opposition's forces, securing a decisive victory through envelopment and annihilation.   Historians have later noticed that it's the same strategy the Dercians went with 40 years earlier.  

Alliance of city-states:

The Alliance adopted a more common strategy where their army formed up into three lines, with the most inexperienced troops in the front, the middle contained those who had served a few seasons with the most veteran troops in the rear.


Like the first¬†Battle Of The Frozen Harbor¬†the battlefield took place near a small natural harbour that before the first battle had been used by a small local town, the area were covered in small hills.   the biggest change between the two battles were that the effects of the first battle were still there to be seen, the whole area were still covered in ice and there were things that first looked like treestumps but at a nearer investigation revealed the frozen remains of Dercian soldiers from the first battle.


The battle took place during the dry season so during the battle the entire battlefield should normally have been covered in dust from the fighting but due the frozen conditions of the area, the air were weirdly clean.

The Engagement

The Dercian army marched into the area wearingly and came to an open area where their scouts had said the Alliance had lined up for battle, the Dercians did the same and the archers and mages of the Dercians were the first to open fire but did minimize damage, the infantry then began to march towards each other. The two armies were locked in close-quarter combat for hours with the flanks of the Dercians trying to carry out their strategy but the enemy kept refusing to take the bait, after hours the two armies broke the stalemate and retreated to a safe distance and settled in for the night. Early the next morning, the two armies lined up again and with some minor changes to the strategy, the Dercians were able to break the lines of the alliance and in the rout that followed, the Dercians cut down thousands of Alliance troops.
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
15th of Mara 210
Ending Date
16th of Mara 210



32500 soldiers
42600 soldiers


14536 wounded
5267 dead
24036 wounded
10579 dead


Retaking of the Frozen Harbor
Defending the harbour and slowing down the advance of Pearlhal


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This is a great write up of the battle. I could clearly picture what was happening. Amazing the Dercians won with less men.

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Thank you :) The Dercians are modelled on the Romans so have taken inspiration from their battles and how often they are outnumbered