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Dercian Republic

The Dercian Republic, or as it was known back then, the Republic of Pearlhal, were the successor state to the first kingdom and while the Republic managed to climb its way through 500 years of existence, it didn't bring the promised stability to the land and would end up being replaced the same way it came into existence. Early history The Republic's early history is one covered in mystery and blood. The last few decades of what has become known as the first kingdom of Dercia were when the previous king would order notable random people killed. Still, what finally pushed both the senate and the city of Pearlhals population over the edge and finally kicked the kings out of the city where when the king ordered a prescription on between 100 and 500 people, Scholars still debate the precise amount of people, most of these were wealthy citizens but among them were also several officers and generals of the cities armed forces. The city could not afford to show weakness in the geopolitical situation, so when it became known that the armed forces were among them sent to their death, the city rioted. After a week of fighting in the streets, the king and his family were killed, and the Dercian Republic was announced. Middle The following centuries of the Dercian Republic were marked by not much. The Senate, which had taken power following the small civil war and elected two consuls as the leaders of the Republic, was paralyzed by infighting in the senate amount the factions. Some of these factions wanted to go to war with the surrounding city-states as these kept pushing against the borders, and it was publicly known that if Pealhal and its land were overrun, the other city-states would kill all the Crienia people they could as they viewed them with mistrust. Other factions wanted to negotiate peace with the other states to secure their own. One faction that had remained relatively small in the first decade of the Republic was the faction that wanted to reinstate the monarchy as they didn't believe that the Senate could be trusted to lead them and that the population didn't care for who was in charge as long as they had stability in their lives. Still, as the years went on and the Senate proved that it was more prone to infighting and could barely hold the state together than under the kings, the monarchy faction slowly rose in power. At the election of consuls for 62, the monarchy faction was the most powerful of the three main factions in the Senate. Rise of the Second Kingdom In the election of 62, the consuls supported by the monarchists won the election. This resulted in the other factions of the senate rising up and declaring the election not legitimate and that the monarchists only would lead the city to its destruction, so two weeks after the election, a band of bandits with the support of the other factions, broke into the homes of the two newly election consuls and killed them when this was discovered, the monarchist rose their force to combat the myrderors, and this spread to the armed forces that had chosen sides, and within a month of the election a civil war had broken out again, the war only lasted a month with most of the other factions leadership being killed and with the reports that skirmisses along the border had picked up in frequince, the monarchist faction gathered the city for what would prove to be the last election of leadership as they proposed to elect a new monarch and to make sure that no house would gain to much power form this, it was proposed and accepted that the new monarch should come from a minor noble house and the chose fell on the The Astalles, the population accepted this return to monarchy if it could bring stability to their city again.   The new queen Aelia Caecilia Astalles was elected as the first monarch in 500 years and, for the first many decades, would be restricted when it came to domestic power, only being allowed to act as a tie-breaker on a topic if the vote were equal but were she had much more freedom were in the foreign policy department as two years after the rise of the second kingdom, what would start as skirmishes over the border would escalate into the First unification war . Here, the monarch had almost unlimited power, and for the rest of her reign, she had an agreement with the senate that they took care of the homefront while the generals and she took care of the enemies.


Failing to bring stability to the state, the republic was disbanded following a civil war led by a faction in the senate and supported by the population.
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