Cassius Truegust

Viscountess Cassius Truegust (a.k.a. Cassi)

Cassius Truegust studied the arts at prestigious universities in cities like Pearlhal and Bardines, she would graduate and go on to teach students for a couple of years before leaving to travel the world.   Cassius keeps her early life close to herself so not much is known of her early life, the only thing known is that she is related to one of the western dukes in the Empire of Dercia.   What is known about her is that she is one of the biggest romancers currently living both when it comes to her poems and plays but also when it comes to her personal life and that according to the rumors going around is that she has had several affairs with high-ranking nobles.   When She traveled around, Cassius began to write poems and plays about her experiences and affairs, they all tended to have a romantic tone to them and they all became very popular among those in love and they cite the poems to those who are in love with.    Some of the most popular plays she has written so far are:   
  • Wish Of The Stars
  • Wait For Her Darling
  • Darling, I Wish You Were Mine
Cassi is a Wastrel, buffoon and have an incredible talent for getting into trouble, but she is my friend. - Carac

Mental characteristics


Do prefer men, but swings both ways.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She has managed to become a known poet at a relatively young age and is able to live off her passion.   She may have been of noble birth but because of her talent and renown, she has been able to climb the social ladder and have contacts with some of the highest nobles in the courts.

Failures & Embarrassments

Because of her numerous affairs, she has on a number of occasions almost been caught by the noble's wife and sometimes the husband.  Only got away because of her natural agility.

Personality Characteristics


Always tries to keep high personal hygiene and those who have gotten close to her say she tends to smell like roses.

Wealth & Financial state

Thanks to her secret noble connections and from her earnings from his plays, together with donations from nobles who are fans she is rather well off when it comes to money.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1259 IC 26 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black and white fur
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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