The small chamber

The small chamber is the meeting place for the council that helps the emperor rule the empire.   The chamber was built around the year 952 when a major reconstruction of the Royal Palace of Dercia was started, the older chamber was deemed as not suitable when it came to the governing of an empire the size that Pearlhal had conquered. Therefore the ruling monarch of the time ordered that a new more fitting champer should be built in the new palace.   The chamber is outfitted so that the emperor can easily enter or leave the chamber and there is enough room for the council members and their advisors.   Its location within a quick walk of the senate has also meant that if the ruling monarch needed to show themself in the senate to settle a debate or in the rare case disband the senate it could be done so quickly.   When the ruling monarch is present in the chamber, there will at all times be at least 6 members of the Imperial Guard present, two near the monarch and then one at either side of the two doors leading into the chamber. If the monarch is not present the chamber will be guarded by regular palace guards, though 4 Imperial Guard members will be on standby should the need present itself.

Purpose / Function

The small chamber was constructed to give a more suitable meeting place between the emperor and his advisors.


The chamber itself has not changed over the centuries but the interior has been remodelled over the years to suit the taste and need the ruling monarch would have.


Despite its name, the room is rather large measuring 33.5 m long by 14.6 m wide and 15.8 m high.   The wood on the walls of the chamber was a gift from Duke Evon Ruxmer  of Danhold when Emperor Malthin II married his daughter Amelessa Ruxmer   The stained glass in the windows is a more recent addition and was brought when the emperor went overseas and saw a local building with similar glass.


A series of defensive spells have been placed on the windows and an anti-magic field has been placed in the room to prevent intruders.
Founding Date
Around 952
Room, Chamber, Council
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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