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Keler Sura tavern

In the heart of a busy quarter of the old and proud city Pearlhal , the centre of the Empire of Dercia lies the gem of a tavern known as the Keler Sura.   To the locals, the tavern is known to serve the best brown ale this side of the river Silvanus, the owner Kaius Cicero is by many known as a fair and honest man that don't tolerate any brawls in his establishment which also means that the tavern is one of the few more rough establishments that don't see barfights at a regular interval, due to Kaius connections from his time in the legions, he have arranged it so that soldiers from his former legion can drink at a discount and get a room should they need one.   As patrons to the tavern step into the tavern, they are met with the warm glow of oil lamps and an inviting aroma of spices. The interior is adorned with white wood that no one is quite sure where it comes from; likewise, on the walls, one can observe intricate mosaics and tapestries depicting ancient heroes and mythical creatures. The tavern also has a pleasant ambience that is heightened by the murmur of voices from the patrons, and some can, on special occasions, hear or see the casting of arcane incantations, typically from the young patrons from the neighbourhood that goes to the Imperial University.   The Keler Sura is not without some dangers. Some local rumours suggest that powerful individuals also use the tavern for their shady deals, seeking to manipulate the flow of information for their agendas. Even if they try to blend in, sometimes someone from the outside entered the bar that are clearly not from the neighbourhood and they engage the patrons with conversations and draws out secrets from the patrons that those they work for can use in their attempt to shift the power of the empire.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
One of the regulars of the tavern works in the shadows for the House of Glicia-Hadrianus

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Sounds cosy. I like that soldiers can drink at a discount. :D

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