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Crown Prince/Princess

The title of the crown prince or princess has been used by the kings and queens of Derica since the monarchy was reinstated to provide the state with a sense of security when it came to the succession and with a designated heir they could avoid the potential of civil wars breaking out over who should be the next king or queen.   While at the beginning the title was given to the oldest child, it quickly changed to be granted to the one best suited.   When a prince or princess was given the title and announced to the public, there usually followed a big celebration in the capital where the new crown prince or princess would meet with the poor of the town and give them either food or coins.    While it usually was the monarch that gave the title to the heir, at two points in the history of Dercia it happened that the soldiers of the legions announced their general as the Crown prince, both times were during The Decade of 5 Emperors and these were Emperor Zane Astalles and Emperor Malthin II the later one having rejected the offer twice before he felt forced to take the title after Emperor Zane died.   The current holder of the title,Crown Princess Ira was granted the title after she partook in a council meeting and suggested some changes to laws and some new ones that would improve the life for the less fortunate in the capital.


To acquire the rank of crown prince/princess the person would have to have shown the ability to lead people and to be able to maintain a birds-eye view of the situation.


Technically, the person given this rank does not need to fulfil any criteria of age or similar, the monarch can give the title whenever they want but typically its been tradition to give it when the child comes of age which for a Crienia happens around their 20 year birthday but there have been cases where it happened much later.


The title is given by the monarch and thereafter confirmed by the high priestess of Pearlhal.


When a person has been given the title, they are given more and tougher tasks than when just a prince or princess, it can range from being the royal representative at social events to representing the ruling monarch at the council if the monarch is not able to be present.


The person receiving the title will be granted a bigger allowance than previous.

Accoutrements & Equipment

When at meetings at the council or out in the public, the person will be wearing a crown showing that you are the heir to the throne.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It has happened, rarely, that one having the title have been removed and the title was given to a more suited person.   usually, it happens if a person shows signs of madness or other illnesses.
Nobility, Hereditary
Still in effect
Form of Address
Highness, majesty or princess
Source of Authority
The power granted by the title comes from the ruling monarch
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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