Garden of Ballistix

The Garden of Ballistix is the private garden connected to the dukes' palace in the Castmia Province and is currently owned by Prince Osril.   The garden is said to be the leftovers from a royal palace located there when the area was independent before being incorporated into the Dercian realm. Still, many scholars don't believe this claim as there are no records of the garden before 373 IC, long after the area was conquered by Pearlhal.   For many decades the garden had been left to itself, with plants growing uncontrolled as many of the dukes of the land didn't care much for the garden and were more interested in power and influence at the Imperial court in the capital so that they would spend most of their time there instead of in their domain. Only the duke, before Prince Osril took over, began to attempt to get the garden back to its former glory.   The garden got its name from a creature that is said to roam the deep forests of Castmia. Although no one has seen it, sometimes howls can be heard coming from the woods at night, and people have been found with wounds that no natural creature known could have done.   After Prince Osril took over the duchy, the garden has seen several plants imported from Elval island, the home of Empress Amelessa. The prince also uses the garden to hold gatherings and parties for other nobles.   Maybe inspired by his father, the prince will also have private meetings in the garden, but only with trusted allies if the meeting requires it.


The garden is divided into four squares, each representing a different area of Mirateia, with anything from plants home in the Tusmait region to plants home in the more swampy part of the continent.
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