Orion Ryant

Head of Royal library Orion Ryant

Orion Ryant is the current head of the royal library and has been it for the last 4 years.   Some might say that¬†Orion is too young to be in such an elevated position in the palace but few can dispute his lust for knowledge and discover old texts that have been lost only to be found mixed in between two books or used to stabilize an uneven table.   For a man that normally would be a regular sight in the corridors of the palace, in the last few months, Orion has hardly left his office in the library and his assistant says that he even has pulled a mattress into the office and that he only leaves if its to receive new books and or scrolls. His assistant says that his behaviour began just a few days before Crown Princess Ira¬†left the palace, so the assistant speculates that the crown princess might have given him an important task and sworn him to silence.   There are stories that Orion at some point came running down the corridors of the palace with his hands full of scrolls all out of breath only to run headlong into the empress who was walking around the corridors looking for Eza Astalles, and when Orion had regained his knowledge about the surroundings apologized heavily only to have the Empress telling him no harm was done and that he could help her looking for the princess.

Mental characteristics


His father had a decent shoemaker shop so was able to send Orion to one of the better schools where the young boy excelled in his studies.


Since he was around 20 he has been working for a number of different of people, ranging from a local bookstore to the library of nobles until he 4 years ago landed the job as the head of the royal library.
Current Status
Going through stacks of old documents
Current Location
Date of Birth
2nd of Kasdard
Year of Birth
1242 IC 43 Years old
Current Residence
shoulder length
1.6 meters
60 kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Speaks all the main languages one can expect to find in the empire.


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