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Lysander Dawnvale


Lysander Dawnvale is a well-known historian, known to be dedicated to uncovering and preserving the rich history of the Empire of Dercias history. He was one of the historians who helped gather the history of the famed Starlighter stained-glass window that can be seen in the Imperial Museum, both its history from before it became spoils of war and afterwards when it got its new home at the museum.   His dedication to history stems from his elven side, where he listened to tales told by his elven mother of his elven ancestors, Lysander likewise credits his restlessness to his human heritage.  


Lysander is methodical and deeply passionate about history and its preservation, he is known to immerse himself in books and archives for days in the hope of unraveling the mysteries of ancient times. Despite his fondness for solitude only accompanied by books and scrolls, he does enjoy sharing stories and insights with those who share his interest in history and he can from time to time be spotted in his favourite tavern Kingsway Inn discussing history with patrons.  

Role in the Empire

As an historian, Lysander works within the framework of the Imperial Museum Imperial University and has a pass that grants him free access to the Royal Palace of Dercia library were he sometimes work alongside Cyna Astalles, the famous historian that found the Treaty of two tribes paper

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Lysander is typically found wearing scholarly attire, he is known for favouring earth-toned robes adorned with a very intricate pattern. He sometimes wears a medallion around his neck, he inherited it from his elvish side of the family and it holds some sentimental value for Lysander.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1254 IC 31 Years old
Expressive hazel eyes
Brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair skin
Aligned Organization


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He sounds like he'd be an interesting person to talk to. Or, hang out and read in silence with.

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