Cyna Astalles

Viscountess Cyna Astride Astalles

Cyna Astalles are a historian and is born into The Astalles dynasty where she received the best education the empire could offer, and from an early age, she showed an interest in books.   At 21 she would end up joining the Imperial Museum and become one of their field historians, she would show her teachers and classmates at the Imperial University that just because her family name was Astalles didn't mean that she was afraid of getting her hands dirty. Cyna would put her drive into uncovering lost documents in the many libraries that are located around the empire.   It wasn't long after beginning at the Imperial Museum that Cyna would while sorting a storage room in the museum, uncover the one thing that would inscribe her name in history and would forever change the perception of the Crienia people.   Wedged in between two pages of an old book, Cyna would find what she would call the Treaty of two tribes later on having transcribed the document into modern language. What Cyna had found was a written proof of the Crienia legend of the two ancient tribes becoming one, Cyna would, after a few years, having translated the entire document reveal that the document contained the events happening around those ancient times.   Despite many attempts from the emperor and other nobles, Cyna would refuse to retire from her job and settle for a position in some dusty archive, she would, however, accepting the emperors offer of free access to the royal library.  
Date of Birth
25 of Anzus
Year of Birth
1256 IC 29 Years old
Dark blue
Long, sleek, blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
67.9 kg
Aligned Organization

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Sage RandoScorpio
15 Aug, 2022 21:42

Cyna sounds like a lady who knows what she wants and retains her agency! Cool article.

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