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The Rodesse people were originally from a group of islands off the coast of the mainland. They have now spread to most of the coast of the Spring sea bringing their culture with them.   With them they brought what in their local language is called "Wets”. It was a new form of playing music. In other places the music tended to be slow and refined and in some cases even exclusively for the upper classes of their society.   Rodesse "Wets” is more of a fast, isometric type of music that accompanies dances well, they have a steady tempo and clarity that are emphasized for this exact reason.   When the Rodesse spread to the mainland they took their music with them and it quickly spread to the local population and became a part of their culture as well and this helped those Rodesse that moved to the mainland to integrate well into their new home while still keeping what some have called the most important part of their culture not only alive but spread it to others as well.   The typical "Wets" are music that are about everyday life among the Rodesse, it can be drinking songs, ballads or laments, the songs are typically accompanied by music but can be done without any.    
  On the map it is possible to see where the Rodesse home islands are located, they have since expanded and it is now possible to find people of Rodesse origen in nations like Empire of Dercia, Principality of Clifia and the Kingdom of Kistals who also claim ownership of the islands.

Naming Traditions

Family names

The Rodesse people take great pride in their familiy and clan name and they believe that they would be worthless without the name of their family.

Other names

Religious devotees often replaced their family name with the name of their god.   If one was to formally address a Rodesse, one would try and use as complete a name as possible, if the status or name of the person where unknown a term clalled "Taku" would be used who translated into local languages would mean "honorable stranger"


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