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Goddess Aleida

Aleida, the Goddess of Joy, Happiness, Dance, and Festivals, embodies the vibrant spirit of celebration and merriment.  

Apparel & Accessories

Her flowing robes mirror the colours of dawn, radiating a sense of vivacity and cheer.  


The followers of the goddess will on special days offer tokens of celebration, these tokens can take the shape of pouring some wine on the ground around a fire or flowers.   Followers will also seek out the blessings of the goddess for joyous occasions, such as weddings and other celebrations of events in life. Local communities actively engage in temple rituals, contributing to the temple's upkeep and organizing celebrations to honour the goddess's teachings.  


The clergy of the goddess can be split into two parts although there is a large amount of overlap between the two, one part of the clergy maintains the temples of the goddess and provides services for the followers, and the other part of the clergy lives in temples out in nature where they grow crops used to brew alcohol that are then served at festivals and celebrations.  


The temples dedicated to the goddess are adorned with elaborate architectural details like arches, open courtyards and columns carved with figures showing the goddess in celebration. The layout of the temples are opens spaces that allows sunlight to filter in which helps create a welcoming ambiance and joyous atmosphere. Surrounding the temple are lush gardens bursting with colorful blossoms, aromatic herbs, and vibrant foliage, reflecting the goddess's affinity for nature's beauty.   In the middle of the temples stands an alter that are adorned with offerings of flowers, fruits and instruments that are instrumental to festivals and celebrations.    The walls of the temples are adorned with elaborate murals depicting scenes of joyous gatherings, exuberant dancers and musicians playing.  

Holy Books & Codes

Followers hold books about brewing and books about festivals in a special light as they view them as holding the words of their goddess.  

Tenets of Faith

The tenets of faith for the followers of the goddess have never been properly written down but Aleida encourages the observance of festivals dedicated to various aspects of life, where people express gratitude and happiness through dance, music, and communal feasting.   Likewise, Aleida inspires and fosters joyous celebrations, encouraging people to come together in laughter, music, and dance. Her influence heightens the revelry during festivals, banquets, and communal events.  

The Role in the Pantheon

Aleida's presence complements other gods in the pantheon, balancing the sombre aspects with her uplifting influence. She collaborates with other deities to bring harmony and balance to the mortal realm.  

Divine Domains

The Doman of Aleida is described as a place of lush meadows adorned with vibrant flora gently flowing rovers and clear lakes and her followers gather in places that resemble the goddess's domain.  


There is only one celebration purely dedicated to the goddess Aleida, called the Floralia Arcana that takes place just before the dry season ends and the followers celebrate that the new season brings new joy to the continent. But the main celebration of the goddess is integrated during the countless festivals and celebrations that are all over the Empire, during all these events one can find at least one clergy of Aleida standing at a stand handing out drinks.  
The Roman Festivals of the Colosseum by Pablo Salinas

Divine Goals

The goals of Aleida are to spread joy throughout the continent but mainly the Empire.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is depicted as an ethereal figure with radiant, golden hair that seems to sway with an unseen breeze. Her eyes shimmer with laughter.
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Sunny Clime, Tahiti by Nicholas Chevalier


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