Sinnoque island

Almost all of them have that in common that back when the world where still young and what today is known only as the ancient empire where still forming one of the empire's enemies as a last-ditch effort to turn the war in their favour used some of their most powerful magic users to summon a Tarrasque and while this did put a hold to the advance of the empire for a while. In the end, it did not change anything, the empire was able to lure the Tarrasque to the location where Sinnoque island is now located, and with the help of the most powerful holy orders managed to lure the beast out into the water where they with great effort slew the Tarrasque.   Or....   That is the most common ending to the story surrounding Sinnoque island, one of the more disturbing endings is that the heroes back then only managed to put the Tarrasque into a deep sleep and that someday the tarrasque will wake up from its slumber and seek its revenge against the world who locked it away for millennials.


Sinnoque island is mainly a rocky island off the coast of the Kingdom of Kistals, while it is mainly a rocky island some grass and bushes have found a home on the island.   The island's rocky slopes run almost directly down into the ocean where it meets the clear blue water around the island, except for a few places where a small beach has formed.

Fauna & Flora

The island is almost devoid of plant life except for a few unique bushes who can be found nowhere else in the known world.

Natural Resources

The sea around the island is unusually rich in fish so it is a popular place for fishermen.  together with a large amount of fish in the area around the island, the island is also home to a lot of nesting birds that the locals hunt both for eggs and meat.
Owning Organization



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