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Kingdom of the Crorai

What the dark elves are to the elven race, the Crorai are to the race of men. They became haunted and twisted by dark magic, they believe that its use is the source of their wisdom and power. And since they became adept to it they have cause nothing more than death and suffering among the civilized peoples of Teria, often in complot with the rest of the barbarians. By these actions they can't be called sons of davidion anymore.
— Senator Atilius of Blati, speech at the Blatian Senate in 829 AP
  The Crorai are the northernmost davidovian peoples. They live in the homeland of this famous ethno-linguistic group, around the famous lake known as the Hand of the God. They are famous for its brutality in war and for being fervent adherents of the dark side of magic. For most of their "cousins" (The Blatians, the Seris and the Oronai) they are barbarians who are not worthy of being considered "family". Apart of these things the Crorai are also famous for being one of the responsible of the fall of The Ikarian Empire in 460 AP, when they were part of an alliance of barbarian states that invaded the territories of the Empire.  


  The Crorai are a davidovian people, and thus, are related to the ancient Ikarians, Kallians, Blatians and Seris. They speak the Crorai language, one of the most evolved davidovian languages that has also been strongly influenced by the nord and nomadic languages.They are the only davidovian people that didn't went west. Instead they chose to stay in their ancient homeland. From 3000 BP onwards they have been vassals and subjects of multiple neighbouring states, such as the Nords, the various Nomadic Khanates from the steppe and the kingdoms of Gridefo and Below. But since 300 BP they managed to became the hegemonic force north of the Albine mountains thanks to their discovery of dark magic. Few northern realms were able to resist the might of the Crorai, either by becoming vassals or paying tribute to them.


Crorai culture is strongly focused on war and bravery. Crorai are ferocious warriors and it is said that they display the heads of their defeated foes on the chimneys and main doors of their houses. Their culture also has an strong focus on "masculine values" and, according to Blatian sources, they do not have wives, instead they have children with multiple women. The more wives they have sons with, the bravest and more "masculine" a Crorai man is. The crude reality is that most of this "wives" might not be actually crorai women but enslaved girls from their military campaigns.   Another way for a Crorai man to show his "masculinity" is taking part on parties and get drunk. Another tradition of the Crorai that the Blatians found disgusting and barbaric was their consumption of opium among the elites of the country, something that the Blatians also associated with dark magic.

Public Agenda

The main objectives of the Crorai is to became the hegemonic power of Teria through war and conquest, adcquire more land impose their visions of Dark Magic across the realms of the continent. Crorai rulers have a doctrine of a Great Crorai Kingdom that would encompass the territories north of the Oronai Gates , the realm of the Snow Elves and the territories of the two Blatian states.  


The Crorai have access to the temples of Doom, in the western regions of th country, which are a great source of dark magic. Trade with slaves and opium has made the country rich, and most of this wealth goes to fund the Crorai army and also to the luxurious lifestyle of the Crorai elites. 
The Crorai standing army is numbered around 50.000 infantry and 10.000 cavalry, making it one of the largest armies of the North. 


In 833 AP the Crorai were defeated by the Ikarians at the Battle of Mimomech, where most of their standing army was anhilated and the survivors executed. This battle put an end to the last Crorai attempt of invading the Blatian territories. In 850 a huge Blatian army of 100.000 men invaded the Kingdom of the Crorai  and besieged its capital  Wesfo. They took it after a month siege and they raze it to the ground, liberating the slaves and slaughtering every crorai inhabitant. After this the Kingdom of the Crorai collapsed, its knowledge of dark magic vanished, and its territory split between  The Blatians, the Oronai  and the Snow Elves. The Crorai population was then enslaved and their land occupied and colonized by their former slaves and by their victorious enemies. In two or three generations the Crorai culture and  language had completely gone. 

Darkness is my strength

800 BP - 850 AP

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Successor Organization

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