Curse Blooded

"Those animals seriously? You can't expect me to trust that lot. I don't care if they're capable I've seen what one of those things can do if they can't control their beast. No thank you give the job to someone else."   ~ Unknown Hunter


Curse Blooded are dower individuals that know the rage of the creature inside them requires immense discipline to control. Some see it as to heavy of a burden to control and take contracts over and over again hoping one will eventually end its life. Others will use the natural aggression to fight in crueler ways than needed making any who assist them look at them in disgust. There are a few who are trying to replace those tropes in their discipline so they are more accepted by the populace but it's currently an uphill battle.

Public Agenda

The Curse Blooded serve one purpose and that's to kill monsters by using their own weapons against them.


The history of the Curse Blooded is soaked in the blood of prey but innocent victims as well. Though they're effective hunters and warriors some lack the discipline when under stress or grievously injured to discern friend from foe. This has resulted in allies being slain in battle unwittingly. Those that survive the encounter will retell the story usually with gross exaggeration making the Curse Blooded seem more monstrous than the actual situation. If the Curse Blooded is lucky they just get ran out of town. If they're very unlucky they're actively perused and attempted to be killed.   This innate mistrust between the populace and the Curse Blooded has made them enemies of the Tov-Ran and the Council of the Nine. There are some who still practice their discipline in secret and if discovered will either flee to a different country or silence the individual, by force if need be.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary


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