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Cult of the Forging God

Welcome to Divine Tyranny! In a world where all-powerful gods live among mortals and play with their life for their own entertainment, Archivist Cécile is doing her best to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the warring water and forging gods are now interested in the archives... Come read about Cécile and the world in which she lives!
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As the Church of one of the major patron god of the kingdom and capital, the Church of the forging god is extremely influential. The high priest leading it naturally has the king's ear, but they are also extremely influential among the merchant class.   Several times throughout the year, festivals are held to honour the forging god. Those are always very popular in the kingdom, as they are celebrated with big public barbecue meals—accompanied with a few animal sacrifices for the god—dances around fire pits, and playing small games that use supple metallic sticks that are twisted and melted together to form new objects.   The Church of the forging god is a big rival to the Church of the water god. It is not infrequent for the gods to order their priests to act against each other—or for the priests to take the initiative. Because of this, noble families only dedicate themselves to one of the gods and intermarriage are avoided, no matter the advantages or feelings involved. This has become a lot worse lately with the Pollution War between the gods and the forging god and his Church polluting the water god's rivers, first as an unavoidable outcome of their relentless industrial output, then out of spite.   One particularity of the forging god and his Church is the links they have with all the manufactures of the country and their engineers. Anyone wishing to establish a new manufacture, start a new creation process for specific items, or wishing to order a masterpiece such as a special weapon come to a church of the forging god to pay a tithe to him. This tithe better be of a big amount of magic to catch the attention of the god himself or, saved that, some material payment to tempt his priests to lend their hands to the project. And as everyone knows, any forging project who does not have the support of the god or his Church is condemned to fail.
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