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The architecture god

Welcome to Divine Tyranny! In a world where all-powerful gods live among mortals and play with their life for their own entertainment, Archivist Cécile is doing her best to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the warring water and forging gods are now interested in the archives... Come read about Cécile and the world in which she lives!
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The architect god is not particularly powerful, yet she is one of the most important gods of our country. She undoubtedly has always had a seat in the unofficial local gods' council ruling us, and she is also likely the reason why the other gods have not yet torn us apart in their quarrels.  

History and domain

When the water god and the forging god decided to found a city together, they came to the architecture god to ask her to join them in this endeavour despite her being a relatively minor and unknown god. However, they felt that her help would be indispensable to making their future city truly great and superior above all else. Thus, the three of them became the trio of founders gods of the capital and of our kingdom.   The architecture god's domain is obviously architecture, which include the design and construction of any type of buildings. Since imposing buildings have always been one of the major ways countries show off their power and the favour of their gods, we're all grateful to the architecture gods for the way she makes us shine above all else. What makes her stand out from other gods linked to architecture, is that while she takes pride in making the best buildings she can with her mortals, she doesn't always abide by what others would consider best. She is confident in her own taste and ideas.

Opinion from the Archives

The architecture god is a laid back and relaxed god. "Sweet and cute" is how most other gods describe her. Alone among powerful and influential gods, she refuses to play their games. When others would get angry and offended at the buildings they longed laboured over being destroyed by mortals or other gods, she just sees this as an opportunity to remake them, only better.   Most mortals - and even most gods - consider her with scorn for this attitude. Insults, however, should never be voiced anywhere they could be heard by her, the water god or the forging god, as those two gods are surprisingly respectful and protective of her. This is in fact the only reason she could outplay them both in the pollution war and not get killed over it. However, a few people suspect that it is the other way around: that she could easily become a great and major god if she did give a little care to the game they and mortals plays. She is just simply completely uninterested in them. Which most people cannot possibly comprehend, hence the scorn.   All of this means that the architecture god is both well and not well placed to help mortals and our request. Nevertheless, everyone in our country worship her as thanks for her long patronage of our contrary, and for keeping the water god and forging god from killing us all in a fit of pique.
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Dec 18, 2022 10:31

This is giving me flashbacks to the Exalted campaign I was in. This is my favorite god, the rest can go to heck, and everyone who talks smack about her shall feel my wrath >:)   Great work Ami :D

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Thanks <3 This is exactly the attitude of the water and forging god :p Writing the three of them together is going to be fun!

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