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The director instruments channelling prayer magic

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The Forging God's Director Instrument

Come to Temple of the Forging God to get one of the best director instruments of the country! Get this amazing technology directly from its Creator and His humble workers rather than some cheap counterfeit!   We guarantee to send the magic of your prayers directly to where you want it to go! Never again run the risk of offending your patron God with diminished offerings and propping up Their rival!


An extremely advanced piece of technology that gathers the magic you release when you pray and channel it towards your desired God, thus avoiding any waste.   This allows you to make the most efficient use of your energy: you can either send more magic to your patron god, pray more often, or pray to more gods, thus making a better impression on all of them and maximising your returns!


Of course, big directors are already present in all temples, but do you really have the time to go there every single day for your prayers? Have you never desired something more spontaneous? Have anything more private to say to your patron God?   If that is so, you need to invest into your own personal director, installed right inside your house! Ensure that your family is protected and has direct access to the Gods!


Put a drop of your blood in the centre of the director instrument to make it learn your magical signature, and thereafter it will automatically gather the magic you generate while praying, so long as you are standing withing one metre of it!   For even more efficiency, place several directors spaced by more than one metre, and you will be able to pray to all the main patron Gods without even leaving your house!


Come to any temple of the Forging God talk to our priests about buying your own director today!


The Forging God is the One who invented this marvellous technology, and His Lordship personally taught us how to carefully craft each individual instrument to make it the best and most efficient it can be. Come buy your director from us to ensure its quality and that your magic ends up exactly where you want it to!


Be wary not to make the mistake of succumbing to the attraction of a cheap director instrument. All those who do end up regretting it bitterly! At best, they will leak your magic everywhere. At worst, you're taking the risk of a being involved in a new scandal of "faulty" directors that just happen to channel your magic towards another god!


To thank our customers, we are gifting a free director locket with the purchase of each new director instrument, both keyed to the same god. Those lockets only have the fraction of the channeling capability of a proper director instrument, but they are ideal for quick worship during day. Make your patron God happy with regular prayers!

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Author's Notes

I got the inspiration for how to present this article from Annie Stein's Remote Personality Cache/Display article.

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